Company Profile

Company Profile

Natural Biodegradable Chemistry

From the source of natural vegetable based raw materials, Viva Corporation Pvt Ltd manufactures a wide range of salts of fatty acids with different properties to fit many application needs and customized requirements. We offer environmental friendly and biodegradable ingredients for varied applications.

VIVA CORPORATION PVT LTD is an established manufacturer for the production of non toxic high purity specialty chemicals based on nature's oils and fats. Our products are pure Vegetable oil based and no animal fats are used in any of our products. Our products meet the most diverse market requirements and comply with environmental and biodegradable requirements.

Our objective is to produce clean, effective and economical ingredients that will enhance the value of our customer's products and process.

Environmentally Responsible Initiatives

Installation of solar energy for our in-house use and excess is fed to the grid thereby reducing the carbon emission. Zero generation of effluent in our production process. Installed ETP for water used for washing plant and equipment. No solvents used in any of our products.

Vegetable Base Ingredients

Our major ingredients are derived from Vegetable oils which are extracted from renewable resources. This ensures that nature herself ensures biodegradability of all of VIVA's ecofriendly products.

Our Range of Products

Our range of products find application in many diverse applications such as construction, latex, waterproofing, packaging, specialty chemicals, cosmetics, emulsifier, building material, agricultural chemicals, pesticides, soaps, plastics, VCI anticorrosion and proprietary applications.

Mission Statement

To offer cost effective quality products which are environment friendly, strive for innovation, and surpass our customer's expectations.